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Plastic recycling and sustainable manufacturing towards Circular Economy!

Plastic recycling

KITO Plastics Pty Ltd is a plastic recycling; fabrication and manufacturing company providing recycled plastic material and products tailored to our customers' needs.

We work with plastic manufacturers and organizations interested in understanding the benefits of; and participating in an Australian plastic circular economy; wanting to responsibly manage their plastic waste and/or substitute use of products made from virgin plastics with products made in Australia from Australian recycled plastics.

KITO's Circular Economy

Circular Economy

Plastic waste is a valuable resource..


Our Services


Plastic Recycling

Our organization uses innovative technology to transform plastic waste of any type and any grade into high-quality, tailored to demand material. This effective and proven recycling and re-valorization process will....

Expertise & Innovation

KITO Plastics is your plastic waste management, recycling, compounding and manufacturing industry expert!

KITO has the specialist knowledge and skill set to help your business move toward a more sustainable future...

Plastic fabrication

KITO Plastics is the “missing link” between the recycling and the manufacturing industry in Australia!

KITO bases its model on the consumers’ demand rather than waste supply of certain types of plastics (Usually clean PET and HDPE) only...

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​We are a team of inspired humans with a vision and mission driven by passion; powered by plastic expertise.
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​​Using innovative technology paired with its expertise in polymer science; KITO will transform plastic industry in Australia and will demonstrate the economic benefits, positive environmental and social impact of a plastic circular economy.

It starts with YOU!!!

We share our passion and skills;


Whether you are a plastic manufacturer/fabrication company; a waste management organization; a local business; local Government organization; a member of our community .. you can be part of this project!

TOGETHER we can design and create the future we want!

We, at KITOPlastics, welcome the opportunity to learn from and collaborate with other social ventures, businesses, manufacturers, waste facilities, startups, not-for-profits, and any other good humans who want to change the way we manage our plastic waste and design products to support a sustainable future!

In the short time KITO has been around we have made some great mates!

Our Friends: HOLONIC


Holonic is a Systemic Innovation Agency, on a mission to help business, government and academia activate the Circular Economy (CE) in Western Australia and beyond. Holonic assists customer with CE education, strategic development and circular design.