Plastic Polluted Ocean

Passion and Polymer Expertise to address

Plastic Waste Management!

Plastic Waste Management


We want to help protect our environment and reduce the plastic waste pollution in Australia by managing plastic waste responsibly, recovering more value and resources from plastic waste.

“Today is the opportunity to build the tomorrow that we want”


Using innovative technology paired with our expertise in polymer science and an approach that take into consideration the needs of our local manufacturing industry; KITO will transform plastic waste of any type and any grade into high-quality, tailored to demand material and demonstrate the economic benefits as well as the positive environmental and social impact of a plastic circular economy here in WA.

KITO Plastics Pty Ltd will fill the gap between the recycling and the manufacturing sectors.


KITO Plastics is an environmentally driven social enterprise based in Western Australia.

KITO was created in 2019 by co-founders who are passionate about the environment, the concept of Circular Economy and responsible use of plastic; aiming to reduce the amount of virgin plastic Australia imports and prevent plastic from going into our oceans and landfill.

Their goal is to recycle or “Re-form” plastic waste of all types and grades locally in Western Australia following the principles of Circular Economy – hence Keep IT Onshore or KITO was born.

Driven by impact over profit, they have set up KITO as a social enterprise where the positive social and environmental impact will be measured alongside profit. KITO is also managing a community engagement project called Precious Plastic Perth aiming to create behavioral changes and help our community to reduce, re-use and recycle their plastic consumption; through education; engagement and participation.

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Waste is a design flaw!!

The Founding Team

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Maryline Cassou

Founder and Managing Director

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Guided by personal belief and inspired by the quote “waste is a design flaw,” Maryline is putting everything she knows into innovating in this space with KITO Plastics, as well as founding the Precious Plastics Perth initiative.

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Behzad Shiroud Heidari

Co-Founder and Technical Director

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Behzad is a Polymer Engineer, expert in formulation, design, and characterisation of polymer composites to improve their properties for different applications.  As a co-founder of KITO Plastics, Behzad is directing his specialist polymer expertise to the plastic waste management, plastic recycling, and manufacturing space.

KITO's Advisory Board


Adam Clune

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Adam is results driven expert with over seventeen years business experience in Business Strategy, Sales and Marketing, Turnaround Management, and Business Improvement. Over the past 10 years Adam has overseen the turnaround / initiation and growth of a number of West Australian companies and also uses this knowledge whilst volunteering in the West Australian Start Up community.


Mark Ogden

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Mark is the General Manager of Plas-Pak WA Pty Ltd and a "plastic expert", with over 20 years of experience in the plastic industry. Mark studied at the Luedenscheid Institute of Plastics in Germany and began his plastics career in one of Germany’s largest electronical interface manufacturing facilities specialising in injection over-moulding of electronical components. Since moving to Australia in 2011, Mark has managed several plastics production facilities which include, injection moulding, PVC & PE pipe extrusion and extrusion blow moulding..


Lisa Kazalac

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Lisa is a dynamic executive with extensive experience in corporate and business strategy development and implementation, negotiation, financial, risk and governance management, stakeholder engagement, relations and communications. A career that has focused on producing results and outcomes for organizations, businesses and communities for over 20 years across the financial services, public service and not for profit and for purpose sectors.

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Angus Henderson

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Angus is an experienced corporate lawyer and adviser. In 2019, Angus established AGH Law with George Henderson. Angus’ experience spans a broad range of corporate and commercial legal matters, including initial public offerings, backdoor listings, capital raisings, mergers & acquisitions, share and asset acquisitions and disposals, due diligence investigations, Corporations Act and ASX listing rule compliance and corporate governance. 


Hamed Faraji

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Hamed is Technical Manager at Payon Polymer. He is a polymer engineer with extensive experience in formulation of masterbatches and polymer compounds. Hamed is an expert in the production of polymer products using extrusion and injection processes and has extensive experience with formulation to increase the mechanical and rheological properties of recycled polymers

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Hayley Rolfe

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Hayley is an environmental scientist, entrepreneur, and board member with a background in natural resource management, environmental policy and waste regulation. She co-founded Ardea Waste in 2019 to give small medium businesses the support they need to enter the circular economy. Hayley is also a board member of the Tangaroa Blue Foundation, a marine protection organisation seeking to understand and reduce marine pollution, particularly plastics, through the Australian Marine Debris Initiative