Small Bits of Plastic

Innovative Recycling

Unlike traditional “mechanical” recycling operating here in WA, our organization uses innovative technology to transform plastic waste of any type and any grade (including mixed and contaminated) into high-quality, tailored to demand and designed for purpose material.

This effective and proven recycling and re-valorization process will contribute to a reduction in the importation of overseas virgin plastic and maximize the use of WA waste.

For the first time in WA, this approach will open a new window of opportunity for a sustainable economic market supporting a circular economy.

Our WA facilities recycle plastic waste into valuable; tailored to demand material, ready to be manufactured into high quality and broader applications products.

KITO Plastics creates great opportunity for plastic manufacturers to use 100% recycled plastic instead of imported virgin plastic; responding to the demand for recycled plastic in Australia expected to grow significantly across all major sectors.

KITO Plastics provides a solution to the main limiting factor for developing effective recycled plastic market in Australia; being the lack of production of high grade and versatile recycled material and the lack of polymer expertise..

​We recycle (re-pelletize) a large spectrum of plastics such as : PET; HDPE; LDPE; PP; ABS; PA, PC from across the country