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Innovation and Expertise

Using innovative technology paired with its polymer science expertise; KITO will transform plastic waste of any type and grade into high-quality, tailored to demand material, demonstrating plastic circular economy is achievable in WA.

Unlike traditional mechanical recycling, KITO’s expertise and innovative technology go a step further toward Circular Economy enabling plastic manufacturers to use recycled material; tailored to their need; for broader range of applications.

This effective and proven recycling and re-valorization process will contribute to a reduction in the importation of overseas virgin plastic and maximise the use of WA waste. For the first time in WA, this approach will open a new window of opportunity for a sustainable economic market supporting a circular economy.

KITO Plastics is your plastic recycling and fabrication expert and links recycling and manufacturing.We provides plastic waste management, polymer compounding, recycling and re-manufacturing expertise. 

KITO can give you advise in plastic recycling; manufacturing of recycled plastic products; polymer composition & compounding.

KITO has the specialist knowledge and skill set to help your business move toward a more sustainable future with regards to your plastic waste and manufacturing.

We can provide tailored solutions and polymers to suit every business need and specification.